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Lifelong Disability Confident

Lifelong are now Disability Confident

Student Loans Company

Student Loans Company asked us if we would like to come along to one of their seminars. We went along to their Seminaor to learn more about the Student Loans Company system, processes and other useful information.

Ascentis asked us if we would go along to one of their seminars. This was to talk about their Stepping Stones Qualification particulary their Functional Skills but they also offered British Values and some other qualifications. They discussed with us how the Qualification is undertaken and what can be included in the qualifications. This session gave us a better understanding of Stepping Stones Qualifications.

ESFA Research

ESFA asked us if we would like to participate in some research with them. It was regarding their new system to enrol learners onto courses, we went through how we would add a learner, find ILR returns and find reports. After the session ESFA asked us if we would like to do further Research at a later date.

Functional Skills

You asked us if we deliver Functional Skills. We deliver Functional skills and for the few who called us we told them what the course contains, how much it costs and what further support they can recieve to help the pass their Functional Skills to help progress their career.

ESFA came to visit us and see how we was Funding our qualification, checking our ILR returns, viewing many Policies and Company procedures and asking many questions about Lifelong as a company.

OFSTED came to visit us asking us about many Policies, Processes and questions. They also wanted to speak to many of our learners and assessors to see how we was doing.