A Provision:

Involves learners immediately and passionately in a life-altering development experience, from their first days of induction to their completion and certification.

Offers its learners a balanced assessment experience, concentrating on the diversity of the work in the industry and the diversity of individuals within.

That expects every learner to develop increased appreciation of the value of progress in their industry.

That empowers and inspires all of our learners to make the choices required of competencies within their chosen are of work.

That increasingly is recognised for its role as a leading national provision in advancing the cause of engaged liberal training and assessment.

This Plan establishes the framework required to maintain our forward momentum and, above all, to realise our aspirations. We have identified two ambitious Goals, together with the Priority Initiatives intended to realise them. To bring our shared vision to reality across our provision we call upon our tradition of hard work, quality delivery. One of our greatest assets is the passion for our mission that characterises us at our best, that is shared by so many members of the extended Lifelong team, and that has led us in the past to our greatest achievements.