Executive Summary

Our TEAM of experts has been setting up training centres and colleges for over twenty years.Businesses, voluntary organisations, care/residential homes and agencies have received consultancy, support, capacity building and funding opportunity support. Voluntary Organisations and statutory services have been trained in Counselling, Advocacy, Diversity and more.

Although Lifelong honours, takes pride in, and builds upon the legacy of its founders past experience, we are also accustomed to thinking in the future tense: about our hopes for our learners, changes to be made in our training programmes, or a greater role to be played by our provision throughout adult development, training and assessment. Our overarching objective is to become a provision that fully realises the objectives of our Mission: one that inspires, challenges, and supports the highest levels of excellence for all our learners, as evidenced by their achievements in realising their potential and competence in the work place. At Lifelong we envision that a rigorous, transformative development experience will lead to learners whose achievements at Lifelong will launch them into the next phase of their careers.